PATH Software
The depth and breadth of crafted workflow management and role-based functionality –
and the resulting visibility, accountability and scalability – set Path apart in a class by itself.
  • Path Loan Origination SoftwareHighly-configurable yet extremely flexible to fit your organization
  • Path Loan Origination SoftwareUse any browser to access your LOS with a single point of entry portal
  • Path Loan Origination SoftwareManage Retail, Correspondent and Wholesale all in one system
  • Path Loan Origination SoftwareLoan data, lock data, products, pricing, AUS findings, disclosure, compliance and closing documents
PathSoftware is a task-based, workflow-oriented, enterprise software. Loans flow from desk-to-desk as each task is completed, allowing each person to perform their role in seamless collaboration with all users involved in the loan process.
Highly Configurable
Path is designed to be configured specifically for each lender's operational structure and business channel workflows. A PathSoftware implementation team is assigned to configure the system to meet each lender's needs.
Platinum Support
We believe you deserve the highest level of service possible, which is why we refer to the PathSoftware service offering as Platinum Support. After Path is set up and configured, our team trains lenders on how to use and maintain the system.
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