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Unlike many LOS products, PathSoftware comes with Pricer®, an embedded, automated pricing engine. Your users won't have to launch an external website to manage pricing and locks in PathSoftware because Pricer is embedded in the workflow. This convenient functionality offers secondary marketing users the following benefits:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Single login
  • Data accuracy
  • Streamlined efficiencies
  • Overall better performance

See a comprehensive list of Pricer investors in PathSoftware.

With Pricer your loan is registered, priced and locked in five easy clicks. Pricer automates pricing to ensure your lock data and your loan data match at all times. PathSoftware offers a consistent workflow that provides data integrity at every step:

  • Lock price
  • Lock rate
  • Lock time
  • Request time
  • Loan-level adjustments
  • Rate and term
  • Loan program

With PathSoftware you will never have an underwritten loan that does not match the lock. Path ensures that the data the underwriter sees in the loan matches the lock data. Path not only reports discrepancies, it increases data accuracy and improves communication between loan originators, underwriters and secondary marketing.

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