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Highly Configurable Versus Customizable

Many people use the terms configuration and customization interchangeably. To people who are non-technical, the terms often have the same meaning. From PathSoftware's perspective, the terms are completely different. When we talk about Path as a highly-configurable system, we mean that organizations can configure Path to meet the business needs of their very different Operating Units and workflows at the system level, without the need for custom code.

Deployment and ROI

Every company has different and complex needs which is why we assign a dedicated PathSoftware Platinum Service consultant to each customer. Many enterprise systems offer a tool-kit approach and leave implementation up to the customer. This approach requires the customer to hire analysts and programmers which often results in a deployment that lasts anywhere from 6 to 24 months or more. Costs run rampant, and ROI is unknown and decreases over time.

PathSoftware deployment is 90 days after purchase, increasing your total ROI and avoiding the uncertainty of most implementations.


Because PathSoftware is configurable, the fundamental system design is the same for all customers, which makes it easily supportable by the Path Platinum Support team. Your dedicated consultant only needs to refer to the saved configuration to support or modify the system any time in the future.

With other software, customization implies the product is delivered when it is only partially finished and requires secondary development to meet a customer’s requirements. Most likely, additional investment is needed for testing new code before implementation. The added difficulty of a software vendor supporting code they didn’t write increases the overall cost of the product considerably.

The value of a highly-configurable system maintained by a consistent team of highly trained consultants is evident to users after PathSoftware is up and running.

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