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User Access

Managing user access across complex and hierarchical infrastructures is challenging. PathSoftware divides the elements of each company's organization into segments that we call Business Units. An Business Unit is defined by your organization as the entire company or as a region or branch within the entire company. Users are given access rights to individual or multiple Business Units.

Hierarchical Access

Business Units are structured in a hierarchy. Users with access to top-level Business Units automatically have the same access rights to all Business Units within that Business Unit. Therefore, you are not required to grant access to individual Business Units within an organization.

Reporting and Viewing

The unique hierarchical design gives users access to rich and granular reporting based on their role and the permissions their role is granted.
With this hierarchy, users with designated roles, management in particular, can view loans across Business Units in real time.


Your PathSoftware Platinum Service consultant analyzes your organization and business processes and assists management personnel with setting up your Operating Units. 

After the setup is complete, future changes to user access permissions and Business Units is much more efficient than in other systems.

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